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Dinner is almost ready in Mirkwood

Looking back: A Journey through Mirkwood

Nine days in Middle-earth (or NE Lithuania) I am very happy to present you with a report on an unique event which happened last year in Lithuania and particularly so because one of the...

Tolkien Mailing Competition 2013

Tolkien Mailing Competition goes international

For seven years in a row the Hungarian Tolkien Society (MTT) has organised Tolkien Levelező Verseny, the Tolkien Mailing Competition. School groups from the ages of 10 to 18 were asked questions, divided into...

Let's get serious on "The Hobbit."

Come to Colorado and meet the Grey Havens Group

One of the greatest pleasures of being a Tolkienist is the chance of meeting fellow Tolkiendili from all over the world and writing about it – they can be from Mexico, the Netherlands, the...