“It is time to put #Tolkien back on the menu, boys and girls” with @Klout!

Me at Klout - add Tolkien!
Me at Klout - add Tolkien!

UPDATE: Nov 1st, 2013. Tolkien is back as a topic on Klout. We made it!


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Marcel Aubron-Bülles (@thetolkienist)

Today’s short blog entry is all about the topic I talked about some weeks ago: Social media influence, its use and how to spread all things Tolkienian (you may remember my post  How algorithms rule our world, Klout doesn’t know Tolkien and why care you should.) In an age where social media and spreading things ‘virally’ is more important and influential than quality journalism (or the truth, a rather fluid concept nowadays) it would be a tremendous help if people could actually say: yes, I am influential on the author J.R.R. Tolkien equalling the statement ‘Tolkien is influential.’

So why not give it a try and tell Klout that you would like to have “Tolkien” as a topic back (it used to be there, you know!) Retweet and enjoy!


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