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Screenshot meiner Crowdfunding-Präsenz bei Steady, Januar 2024
Screenshot meiner Crowdfunding-Präsenz bei Steady, Januar 2024

All of the material published with will always be free for you to peruse as well as some of my work with my crowdfunding site over at Having said that, I will not cross-post the work I am doing here to the other place or the other way around. This will only happen if the occasion arises. However, I would love to let the readers here at my blog know that there is even more to read and experience with Steady.

A chronology of posts

January 1. Happy New Year. I think this is rather self-explanatory.

January 6. RR+: On ‘Tolkien and CS Lewis manuscripts among treasures made available to public in 2023.
You may know my bi-weekly newsletter, the Roving Ranger. This is a free service to the worldwide Tolkien community; the RR+ (Roving Ranger plus) is a service for my members when I believe they might be interested in getting more detailed information on a particular piece of news.

January 8. The Roving Ranger #96.

January 10. Welcome to January.
At the beginning of the month all of my members with Steady get a full write-up on what I have done the month before, how on-going projects are progressing, what new ideas I have come up with and a full list of all published material with Steady, sorted into categories.

January 12. A few words from me to all members to Elvish and Arda standards. Plans for the year.
I have three different tiers with different ‘rewards’ for the members in question; and members to Elvish and Arda standards get more than the ones to Hobbit standards.

January 12. Fingolfin’s Findings L: Oxonmoot, 1979a pictorial history.
Fingolfin’s Findings is an on-going series of interesting, odd and/or weird things you would either not expect or you simply have never heard of in the context of J.R.R. Tolkien’s life and works. They are a side-effect of continously searching the net for years.Did you know Christopher Tolkien was nominated for a Grammy? (just an example.)

January 13. My visit to the Tolkien-inspired art installation “Between the Sun and the Moon” in Summertown, Oxford. A personal report with additional photos on the blog post here at for my members over at Steady.

January 16. Tolkien References Project: Minions & More, volumes 1 + 2. I am listing films, series etc. in which you will find Tolkien references, an ongoing series including things like Brooklyn 99 or Community.

January 18. RR+: ‘Lord the Rings’ show in Tampere, Finland – again. A larger post on the upcoming stage show in Tampere which is not the same as the one that was shown in Turku in 2018. I checked back with the theatre agency in Finland as well as the Finnish Tolkien Society.

January 19. Things I would need for research: Why Madlener inspired ‘Gandalf’, not Gandalf. A post restricted to members to Arda standards.

January 19. The Roving Ranger #97.

January 20. Tolkien MeMes #7. A failed attempt at a Tolkien exhibition in 1998. The Tolkien MeMes: Middle-earth Memories are an on-going series of things I have done, organised and/ or participated in, showing you all the wonderful experiences I have had the privilege to make all over the world.

January 23. RR+: HarperCollins discount for UK customers (?). HarperCollins and other publishes sometimes do discounts at very short notice – in this case UK and Ireland customers could save a whopping 50% – I sent this out to all of my newsletter subscribers and members as I do not have access to any personal data and do not know where people live. So my apologies to all those of you who could not make use of it!

January 24. Fingolfin’s Findings LI: Reprints of Tolkien’s art – official and legit. Often my posts come from discussions in fora, Discord servers, Facebook etc. when people have a question that they need an answer to. This is the case in this particular instance.

January 27. A Roving Ranger Special Edition: An anniversary to celebrate, a jubilee to come, and a Fandom Friday Special. My first birthday with my crowdfunding over at Steady.

January 27. A few words to my members to Arda standards. An audio message for my supporters at the top tier.

January 27. First Steady Anniversary: Goals. The things I would love to do in the future.

January 28. RR+: “The Hobbit” at the Canadian Children’s Opera Company in Toronto. Some background information on the upcoming show you will not easily find elsewhere; a Roving Ranger Extra. As the Roving Ranger is bi-weekly I sometimes love to share more information on newsworthy things immediately with my members.

January 28. RR+: HarperCollins releases UK ‘History of Middle-earth’ paperback covers. A write-up and presentation of the ongoing discussion with the on these books.

UK History of Middle-earth paperback covers (c) HarperCollins.
UK History of Middle-earth paperback covers (c) HarperCollins.(h/t

Now, this month seems to be an exception, I have to say

I am trying to make sure all members at my crowdfunding site with Steady get what they are paying for – which should be in the vein of 4-5 posts a month – but this January is something outstanding.

I pressed the button publish nineteen times this month.

Okay. Well, that certainly sets the bar for 2024. 😅

See you next month – when I certainly will not have pressed that button eighteen times!

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