Posts published with Steady for the months of February – April, 2024

Screenshot meiner Crowdfunding-Präsenz bei Steady, Februar-April 2024
Screenshot meiner Crowdfunding-Präsenz bei Steady, Februar-April 2024

All of the material published with will always be free for you to peruse as well as some of my work with my crowdfunding site over at Having said that, I will not cross-post the work I am doing here to the other place or the other way around. This will only happen if the occasion arises. However, I would love to let the readers here at my blog know that there is even more to read and experience with Steady.

A chronology of posts

February 1. Not a Tolkien quote: “Every tree has its enemy, few have an advocate. In all my works I take the part of trees against all their enemies.”

February 2. Welcome to February.
At the beginning of the month all of my members with Steady get a full write-up on what I have done the month before, how on-going projects are progressing, what new ideas I have come up with and a full list of all published material with Steady, sorted into categories.

February 2. The Ninety-eighth Roving Ranger.

February 2. RR+: The NZ Post Collectables – the ‘Lord of the Rings’ 20th Anniversary series – and a critical reading of Serkis’ ‘Gollum’.
You may know my bi-weekly newsletter, the Roving Ranger. This is a free service to the worldwide Tolkien community; the RR+ (Roving Ranger plus) is a service for my members when I believe they might be interested in getting more detailed information on a particular piece of news.

February 4. Please wish me luck.
A very last minute tour to the Italian Tolkien exhibition – report still outstanding!

February 19. The Ninety-ninth Roving Ranger.

February 20. Postcards and Christmas cards – checking back with you.
Some of the tiers with my Steady site get postcards and letters on a regular basis. As mail services the world over seem to have their issues I do check back with my supporters.

February 20. Are you interested? An online look at the Italian exhibition, with running commentary by me, myself and I.
I have asked my members with Steady whether they would like a presentation done on the exhibition in Rome.

March 11. RR+: The Hobbit translated into Romansh – crowdfunding now!

March 12. Coming Soon: A history of RingCon (by someone who co-founded it)
The first ever film trilogy convention in the world happened in Germany – and I had a hand in it. Been meaning to write this for the last 20+ years!

March 12. RR+: The Collected Poems of J.R.R. Tolkien – coming Sept 12, 2024.

March 22. Fingolfin’s Findings LII: Meet the Gimli House.
Fingolfin’s Findings is an on-going series of interesting, odd and/or weird things you would either not expect or you simply have never heard of in the context of J.R.R. Tolkien’s life and works. They are a side-effect of continously searching the net for years.Did you know Christopher Tolkien was nominated for a Grammy? (just an example.)

April 10. RR+: Paul Corfield Godfrey’s ‘Musical Chapters’ from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ set to be recorded.

April 15. A quick hi – and bear with me for a few more days.

April 23. Welcome to April.

April 23. Fingolfin’s Findings LIII: The Windlord Gwaihir Jacket on Mount Everest – by Rohan.

April 24. Fingolfin’s Findings LIV: ‘From fairies to SimMan: Tolkien and realism in simulation’.

April 30. Fingolfin’s Findings LV: Names that had to change after legal threats.

April 30. RR+: Lord of the Bins – what has happened to them?

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