Short series: Tolkien Travel Posters. Meet the Artist: Danielle Sylvan

Tolkien Travel posters by Danielle Sylvan
Tolkien Travel posters by Danielle Sylvan

Another edition of my short series on Tolkien Travel posters. I am very happy to introduce you to Danielle Sylvan.

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What made you do those posters?

Regarding my LOTR posters- I originally made them as a gift for my dad who is the biggest Tolkien fan I know, and he raised me to love Tolkien’s work as well! (Fun fact, he gave me my middle name “Sylvan” which is inspired by the Silvan elves from LOTR!). As for my general inspiration for my art style and niche, I personally love the aesthetic of vintage travel posters. Whether it be WPA National Park posters or old British Railway posters, it’s a style I find timeless and has always piqued my interest as a designer. My first travel poster design was for “San Junipero” from Black Mirror. I had the thought while watching the episode, wouldn’t this setting make a great vintage travel poster? I took a crack at it and wasn’t expecting many people to “get” it (why a travel poster for a fictional place?) but to my pleasant surprise, I received a lot of positive response and interest in the design! From there I began creating travel posters to destinations from my favorite movies, books, and video games.

Are you a Tolkien (fantasy/scifi) fan?

Yes, as I mentioned above my dad raised me to be a big Tolkien nerd, which I’m so grateful for! He was reading “The Hobbit” to me before I was old enough to read it myself. My dad has one of Tolkien’s artbooks and I used to flip through it for inspiration when I was younger. I’m also a big fan of fantasy and scifi in general! Last year I was hired for a dream freelance project in which I got to create official travel posters for LotR: The Rings of Power tv series. That was such an incredible experience for a fan like myself!

Will you do more in the future?

Yes! I have a long running list of designs I’d love to make. I’m constantly being inspired by both new and old media.

Artist bio Sylvan Design Co. was established by Danielle Sylvan, a designer and illustrator living in Baltimore, MD. She has been creating art for her entire life, and after studying graphic design in college, she found a passion for retro/mid-century style design.

Find out more about Danielle’s work

If you want to know more about Danielle’s work visit her website at You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Avatar travel posters (c) Danielle Sylvan
Avatar travel posters (c) Danielle Sylvan

Pictures used by kind permission.

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