The Tolkienist – appearances and mentions


Tolkien Times, Fandom Friday (by the Prancing Pony Podcast )


Antenne Wetterspitze, December

A German Tolkien podcast and friends with my own podcast SmallTolk. Christmas episode mentioning us right at the beginngin and what the three of us are doing with SmallTolk. See also their Youtube channel. My pre-recorded line for this episode was: “SmallTolk – so sexy we do have our own calendar!” 😅

Tolkien Tag Jena, September

The first ever Tolkien Day in Jena was a huge fun; I was part of the organising team. The regulars’ table is active with Instagram/ Facebook.

Athrabeth, September

A US podcast who invited me to a panel with the Tolkien Society’s Oxonmoot. Due to the writers’ strike in the US the episode was published in January 2024.

Oxonmoot, August – September

The Tolkien Society‘s main annual event in Oxford is always something special. My first was 1994, so 2024 will be my 30th Anniversary 🤩 See also one of my blog posts on the Black Pine Whisky.

Middle-earth Gaming Day(s), April + October

Always at the beginning of term the Tolkien Regulars’ Table in Jena we do a Middle-earth Gaming Day (aka Hobbit Halloween!) with one of the best gaming cafés in Germany, Tillis Spielecafé. I am part of the organising team; we do fantasy- and science fiction-related games (LotR, Pratchett, A Song of Ice and Fire, Dune etc.)


Tolkien Experience Podcast, first episode of season 2.


Part of the Evil in the Shining Light exhibition in Sheffield.

Hobbit Village, Barletta, Italy (guest speaker).

Jury member for the SERAPH fantasy award as well as the Nautilus self-publishing award.


An interview with Brent Landon of the Aldasaga Podcast: Tolkien & Old Norse: The Norse Drekar & Tolkien’s Dragons


Invitation to an Società Tolkieniana Italiana seminar on Sicily (the Instagram photo was posted ten years after the fact).