Antidepressant drug or Tolkien?

Antidepressants or Tolkien (c) Jesús Roldán
Antidepressants or Tolkien (c) Jesús Roldán

A charming Tolkien-related chestnut has been making its round again and it is time to give you a few details on Antidpressants or Tolkien.

When Boing Boing shared its post Antidepressant drug or Tolkien? on November 8, 2023, it quickly made the rounds on the internet for two reasons – it is a fun game and us nerds out there in the wildernesses of the web like to participate in a game that actually tests our knowledge.

And yes, I only had 23/24 as I was led astray by Nardil (that is, NOT Narsil)!

This is not a new game, it is more than five years old.

checarina’s tweet

The game’s website is the work of Jesús Roldán, a senior software developer whose Buy Me a Coffee site is linked at the end of the game.

Now, I am hoping this fun game is doing good things for Jesús but I would like to draw your attention to the origin of the game and yes, back in the day when Xitter was still a great place to be people came up with great ideas.

And Carina did.

As you can see she titled this game slightly differently – Antidepressant or Tolkien character instead of the most often used titles Antidepressants or Tolkien / Antidepressant drug or Tolkien.

I can only highly suggest you send some thanks her way – she has a Ko-fi page and is still active with Bluesky.

If you ask me – always go for the original but I do understand people love the game done by Jesús.

So, what are your scores? 🤩

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