Tolkien Day impressions from Germany

Just some quick shots from the Tolkien Day at Pont (city of Geldern) in Germany. I think we may have set up a new world record on Tolkien-centred events with well over 2,000 visitors but let’s wait for confirmation! I can only say it has been a marvellous event with amazing costumes, great talks and fun entertainments. Kids could work their way through Shelob’s lair, pass hobbit entry exams or storm the walls of Minas Tirith (if I remember correctly, I only barely escaped!) Truly wonderful. Will be there again next year.

Watch #Mearth come to live

Yes, there is a new hashtag in town because Middle-earth can’t  be used as a hashtag (the hyphen doesn’t work) but we need one.


Pretty glad they did not notice me.


Orcs kidnapping kids. Parents being happy 😉


A labyrinthine garden young hobbits had to get past during their hobbit exams.


Our very own Mithrennaith spreading the good mead.


Bow, arrow and owl. What a hoot!


Tear down those walls!


Amazing tent camps with beautiful details


A lovely village – view from the park to the parish church.

Marcel R. Bülles

A Tolkien fan for thirty years (and more to come...) Founding chairman of the German Tolkien Society, Co-Founder of Ring*Con, Co-Founder of the ITF, host, presenter and fantasy expert