“The Hobbit: What has made the book such an enduring success?”

In a great article published on Sept 20th, 2012 Professor Thomas Shippey discusses in the Telegraph why The Hobbit is such a well-loved book. If you ask yourself this question or are just generally interested in Middle-earth itself do have a look. Tom Shippey is best known for his classic book on Tolkien, The Road to Middle-earth and the follow-up J.R.R. Tolkien: Author of the Century, which are both seminal texts for any Tolkien fan.


Anyone could have told Tolkien this is not kids’ stuff. Nor, for instance, is the death of Thorin Oakenshield. An American lady told me once that she read the whole book to her sons, aged seven and ten, and when they got to this scene, she saw the tears rolling down their cheeks. Until JK Rowling started producing 700-pagers, publishers used to say that children’s books had to be short nowadays, because the kids’ attention spans were also short.

Read the article at the Telegraph.

Marcel Aubron-Bülles

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