The very first Roving Ranger

Roving Ranger title image, first edition
Roving Ranger title image, first edition


a warm welcome to this, the very first of (hopefully many) Roving Ranger newsletters!
As I am writing this the temperature is climbing in Berlin, the fan working quietly in the background. I am very much looking forward to finding out whether people are interested in having a regular, Tolkien-centred newsletter ever since Troels Forchhammer’s excellent Tolkien Transactions went into a hiatus almost three years ago and T.B. Folk’s Middle-earth Watch provided regular updates last year. Any questions or suggestions are always welcome so shoot me an email at anytime; please bear with me if I won’t be able to answer each and everyone in five seconds time, mkay!? 🙂

So without much further ado …


Cardinal Newman’s Library at the Birmingham Oratory needs urgent renovation and your support. They have started a GoFundMe page for this.

Weta Digital, one of the companies behind Peter Jackson’s films, is going to “make its own films.”

In the same vein: Quite a few people have been clamouring for it and there now seems to be a “Middle Earth – 20th Anniversary Collection planned for 4K Blu-ray release.”

The 2023 Women’s Football World Cup will take place in Australia and New Zealand. So if you like the game and New Zealand you might as well start planning.

On a sad note, Ian Holm passed away some time ago but I still wanted to share his obituary with the New York Times and the Guardian as well as the lovely note Peter Jackson pinned with his Facebook page.


This weekend the Tolkien Society’s (UK) Seminar is taking place.

Join them at their Youtube channel, have a look at the timetable, or check out their Facebook group.

Essays & Scholarship

Doug Anderson has a great write-up on Tolkien on film.

Other Stuff

Writer Garth Nix answered his fans’ questions, giving Tolkien a mention (following 13:35 and occasionally later on in this interview.)

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar seems to be known for quoting pop culture, this time from Peter Jackson’s film trilogy.

And: I never knew this to be a crossword clue 🙂

Upcoming Amazon series

A short update from Morfydd Clark, playing Galadriel with LotR on Prime.
The NZ Herald published a short piece on June 15 that production was about to resume [Paywall.]

The usual “Tolkien wazz here!”

Gedling Station has made a few headlines, enjoy: “The legendary J. R. R. Tolkien author is said to have visited the area in 1914.”


Austrian LegoMicha has implemented a LEGO idea for a hobbit hole.

Fantasy Flight Games are re-issuing one of the best board games based on The Lord of the Rings.

If you take an interest in video games the recent rumours that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment seems to be for sale might raise an eyebrow. Not that I would be interested in buying the company that did Shadows of Mordor but we’ll be seeing more Tolkien-related games from them, surely.

Speaking of video games, NetEase and WBIE sent out a press release for an upcoming mobile game.

The company behind the LEGO games, Traveller’s Tales, pitched a game for the Hobbit film trilogy – and it never materialised.

All Things Organisational

I will add extra elements to this newsletter in the coming editions which may be of interest to you as a Tolkien fan (and fantasy literature, film, games etc. fan as well.)

All art reproduced with kind permission.
Pete Amachree’s Artstation. Fingolfin challenges Morgoth.
Jenny Dolfen’s website. And Morgoth came.

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