Introducing: Tolkien MeMes

Those of you who have met me in person will probably know that I have a penchant for the silliest of puns: acronyms, word play, you name it. I am particularly fond and proud of my ability to find abbreviations that tend to be easily explained – but then thou art seriously mistaken!

Tolkien MeMes: Middle-earth Memories

I have always found it very unfortunate that if you use hashtags like #Tolkien you will only ever find pictures and GIFs from the film(s). I think it’s up to us to promote interest in the life and works of the Professor and I am very happy to see so many people doing that.

Now, what I am going to do is share some of my very own #MiddleearthMemories with you – fun, interesting, fascinating, emotional moments of being a fan of Tolkien’s for 30+ years now. Starting from that I am hoping that others may join in and share their very own stories – anecdotes you can tell and share with fellow Tolkienists.

My first MeMe I will present to you soon is my first ever Tolkien Project. Think of it as a week in high school, forcing fellow pupils and teachers into drawing Middle-earth maps, writing up chronologies and generally be a nuisance of Sauronian proportions to the people in my school when I got permission to do this project 😀 

Soon to come: A Week in Walinor!

Marcel R. Bülles

A Tolkien fan for thirty years (and more to come...) Founding chairman of the German Tolkien Society, Co-Founder of Ring*Con, Co-Founder of the ITF, host, presenter and fantasy expert