Jeroen Bakker

I'm Jeroen Bakker, born on may 30th 1981, Velsen -Netherlands. I first read LotR in the late 1990's. My primary hobby intrest is music, my secondary hobbies include Star Trek and Tolkien. I'm educated in the Landscaping/City Greenkeeping and Tourist sectors and Pestcontrol. Currently I'm not active in those sectors I currently work as a (local) journalist and self employed translator, writer and poet and I aspire to become a composer. I was diagnosed with both Autism (Asperger's Syndrome) and dyslexia. My favourite Tolkien chapter is the Ainulindalë, the creation myth from the SIL. Edit: It might be worthy to know on what audio system I 'judge' the quality of audio recordings. I use a Rotel RCD990 cd-player, Transparent Music Link RCA interconnect, Krell KAV 300i integrated amplifier, Transparent Music Wave Plus speaker cable, B&W CDM ™ 1NT monitor speaker.