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The perfect Tolkien Christmas gift …


The official Tolkien publisher’s website is offering for the second time one of the coolest gifts you can possibly imagine for any Tolkien fan.

Yes, this is a collection of some of the coolest editions on sale right now and it’ll be personalised with your favourite JRRT quote 🙂

If I am not completely wrong the books you will win are:

The Hobbit, The Art of the Hobbit, Letters from Father Christmas, Roverandom, Deluxe editions of the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion and the History of Middle-earth. There is even more but I am not quite sure – could be Fall of Arthur and Children of Húrin. However, I’d take any of those books anytime so … 🙂

UPDATE: Thanks to the kind help of Tobias Wolf this is the list of the books you can say in the picture above!

  1. “The Hobbit Pocket Hardback – Film Tie-In Editon”
  2. “The Hobbit Classic Hardback”
  3. “The Art of the Hobbits”
  4. “Letters from Father Christmas – Hardback Edition”
  5. “Beowulf – Hardback Slipcased edition”
  6. “Lord of the Rings – Hardback Slipcased edition”
  7. “The Hobbit – Hardback Slipcased edition”
  8. “The Hobbit Illustrated by Jemima Catlin – Deluxe Slipcased edition”
  9. “Roverandom – Pocket HardBack Edition”
  10. “The Silmarillion – Hardback Slipcased Edition”
  11. “The Unfinished Tales – Hardback Slipcased Edition”
  12. “The Complete History of Middle-Earth – Hardback Slipcased Editon”

Starting December 1 this contest will be running until Dec 21 and you’ll receive your gift in time for Christmas! Go there daily, answer a question and collect coins for better winning chances!

Good luck – and if you win after reading this – send me a book!

Update Nov 2023 Changed the title as I did not actually manage to do 31 Days of Tolkien re: 31 Days of Tolkien: Win your perfect Christmas gift – books, books, books!

As with other posts: I will keep this piece online as a relic of bygone times, a piece of contemporary history and for transparency reasons.

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