Meet Richard Taylor and many dwarves at HobbitCon in Germany

HobbitCon 2 in Bonn, Germany, 2014
HobbitCon 2 in Bonn, Germany, 2014

Update: Unfortunately, Manu Bennett (Azog) has had to cancel his visit due to work commitments. Please check the website for more information.
, a Ring*Con special, took place for the first time in 2013 and was a blast for fans and guests alike. With the film trilogy and its great success came a renewed interest in a convention focusing on Middle-earth and people simply loved it. I am glad to say that not only will HobbitCon be repeated this year but my humble self will again be participating as a lecturer (or rather stand-up comedian on all things fantasy!)

HobbitCon 2 - Richard Taylor

HobbitCon 2 – Richard Taylor

Now I know that this isn’t quite fair to all the other amazing guests at HobbitCon but RICHARD TAYLOR IS COMING! *wooohooo* I don’t think it is necessary to introduce you to the founder, creative director and head of Weta Workshop but let me just tell you that Richard Taylor is one those guests we’ve been waiting for since the first Ring*Con happened over ten years ago! The stories he can tell! A five time Oscar winner! BAFTA and SATURN awards as well! Ha! However, he is not the only great guest to come along.

You will also have the chance to meet the white orc, Azog. Manu Bennett will be present just like hordes of dwarves you can’t possibly escape. Funny, witty, entertaining and mischievous would possibly sum up how the guys from the Hobbit Trilogy behaved last year and I am quite sure fans will experience another amazing weekend with them. Adam Brown, Peter Hambleton, Stephen Hunter, Jed Brophy, Graham McTavish, Ken Stott, James Nesbitt, Dean O’Gorman, Mark Hadlow and John Callen will be in the house 🙂 And again – they won’t be alone!

Hobbit Con - Dwarves in da house

Hobbit Con – Dwarves in da house

Both Ring*Con and HobbitCon have always made the extra effort to provide an awesome schedule of talks, workshops, presentations, contests, quizzes and general fun besides the great stars on stage. Emil Johansson from LotRProject will be there, Larry D. Curtis from, Stefan Servos from who was on set with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and did a special fan interview with Peter Jackson with the European film premiere of H:DOS … And much, much more will be seen in the final program!

Now, in case you haven’t noticed it – I AM VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO HOBBITCON! It’s going to be _awesomez_! Be there or be square! Real Orcs go to HC! Elves, too. And some of ‘dem dwarves! I’ll see you there!

Oh – and just so you know what you missed last year: Dwarves singing their song, live on stage.

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