Project 200+ – an update after four years…

Almost four years to the day I published a status update on my Project 200+, going through all the posts in this blog, correcting mistakes, updating links etc.

I have just now passed the 200+ mark and there are either an additional hundred posts to work through or almost 300, if you add all the Patreon and Steady work I have been doing… 🤪

Marcel R. Bülles

Marcel R. Bülles is the author of, a specialist blog centering on worldwide Tolkien fandom, geekdom and research. He works as a freelance translator, journalist and writer and is the founder of the German Tolkien Society as well as a co-founder to RingCon, Europe's formerly biggest fantasy film convention. You can find him in cafés all over the world sipping an espresso blogging, writing, reading. At one point he was married to an extremely lovely French lady by the nickname of Sauron. Yes, that Sauron. He is also active with the International Tolkien Fellowship on Facebook and the Tolkien Folk on Instagram.