A wealth of art at HobbitCon

Smaug by T. Hijo

Smaug by T. Hijo

HobbitCon, Ring*Con’s special, is upon us! Easter will see Richard Taylor, dwarves and tons of lecturers, artists and fans converge upon Bonn and it’s Maritim Hotel for some quality fantasy time. Did I say artists? Yes, I did. And this year you will be able to appreciate the work of several astounding and extremely talented artists at HobbitCon!

Saturday through Monday will see the works of Jay Johnstone, Jenny Dolfen, John Cockshaw, Ivan Cavini, Gerard Baines, Katarzyna Chmiel-Gugulska, Liz Heffner and Tomás Hijo; with Tomás working at the table live throughout the week end (and maybe Jay Johnstone stopping by for a chat!)

Smaug by I. Cavini

Smaug by I. Cavini

You will see new pieces from those artists and yes, you can spend your hard-earned money right there at the table if any of the art takes your fancy. And some of it most certainly will 🙂 This exhibition of outstanding talent has been organised by our very own Becky Dillon (many of you will know her also because of her work on connecting the worldwide Tolkien community.)

P.S.: You will also have the opportunity to join in a fun little game and win a one-time 20€ voucher for you to use on your art purchase at HobbitCon. Not giving away anything but give it a try and enter! Winner will be announced on Sunday evening 🙂

If you want to have a quick look at what these artists are doing please visit their websites.

Jay JohnstoneKatarzyna Chmiel-Gugulska | Jenny Dolfen |
John Cockshaw | Ivan Cavini | Tomás Hijo | Liz Heffner | Gerard Baines.



Picture credits: All pictures their respective artists. Featured image: HobbitCon background art (c) by Paul Tobin.


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