The Tolkienist on the way to Greisinger Museum opening in Switzerland

Greisinger Museum, Jenins, Switzerland (c) B. Greisinger
Greisinger Museum, Jenins, Switzerland (c) B. Greisinger

Just wanted to tell you that I am off this monday, not only to celebrate my birthday but also to travel through the south of Germany, meeting friends, having a look at some interesting castles and of course, the grand opening of the Greisinger Museum, an absolutely unique place for all things Tolkien-related. So starting on Monday or rather Tuesday, I believe you’ll be seeing some notes, texts and pictures relating to J.R.R. Tolkien and Bernd Greisinger finally opening up a museum he has been working years to finish. I am very much looking forward to it.

The Middle-earth Network will be doing a live coverage and I am looking forward to seeing many other Tolkienists from all over the world. Meeting old friends and making new ones, the Middle-earth way. It is going to be legen… wait for it … dary.

Picture taken from museum website, (c) Wolfgang Greisinger, Jenins, Schweiz.


Marcel R. Bülles

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