Readings and radio plays & rumours of an unpublished Tolkien speech

Tolkien has inspired artists from all over the world and across all media. I think that one of the best ways of portraying his many and very diverse works is to do a radio play or a dramatic reading. That is why I am going to do a review series of those radio plays and readings available in English and I hope you’ll appreciate the unique way Middle-earth has been brought to live for more than four decades.

And who knows, maybe I’ll do an interview or two with people involved in doing this. 😉 And not to forget: There are shorter recordings of both J.R.R. and Christopher Tolkien I’ll talk about as well. I will also be asking famous Tolkien artists about their favourite reading or radio play of Tolkien’s works because I am convinced any of those artists will have drawn inspiration from those interpretations of his art as well.

The High King Elessar (c) Jay Johnstone

The High King Elessar (c) Jay Johnstone

While doing research for this I have been told that there may be something Tolkienists all over the world may come to appreciate… There really isn’t any major recording of Tolkien, only smaller pieces of him, and even with the BBC interview there are only snippets. There are no longer recordings of his lectures, of him as an academic or storyteller. However, when I exchanged emails with British artist Jay Johnstone and asked him if he had in his possession an unpublished recording of a Tolkien speech he simply answered “I’m in no position to comment at this time.” I’ll let you know when I find out more about it.

I hope you have enjoyed September 22nd or “Hobbit Day” as some call it – Frodo’s and Bilbo’s birthday, of course. All over the world Tolkienists gathered to celebrate those two, raising a glass or two – or more – and thanking the Professor for bringing us all together. I’ve had a few at my brother’s wedding and I am quite sure his bride didn’t mind me yelling something about “Bagginses” at the party. 🙂


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