Meet the Travelling Tolkienist and Tolkienshop at Hobbit Village, Barletta

Hobbit Village in Barletta, Itlay, 2015
Hobbit Village in Barletta, Itlay, 2015

Another amazing Tolkien-related is coming up this weekend and this time it is in beautiful Barletta in Italy. Both myself and René van Rossenberg, the owner of the Tolkienshop, have been invited as guest speakers to Hobbit Village and will bring both our fun and expertise to the Adriatic Sea. Do come along 🙂

For those of you who have been following this website you may have noticed I do love to travel, particularly if it includes visiting Tolkien events. And this one is happening in a very beautiful castle right in the middle of city beside the Adriatic Sea. Not the Grey Havens but not bad, either 🙂 And I’ll be travelling with this guy…




And do watch this space – I may have a surprise for you 🙂

Marcel R. Bülles

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