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As you will have noticed I do publish posts from time to time that are provided as early access to you, my patrons, and after a couple of days are made available to the public. To have a better idea where and when I did that I am listing these posts here.


April 6 Tolkien Society Awards – I have been nominated 


Dec 7 Meet fellow Patreons: Matěj Čadil 

Nov 4 Not a Tolkien quote: “I wrote the Oxford English Dictionary, don’t correct me.”

Oct 29 Walk to Mordor: How your fan activities can get you into hot water, real quick

Sep 3 10% discount with – The Tolkienist Birthday Week offer!

Aug 31 Meet fellow Patreons: Erik Mueller-Harder 

Jul 26 Not a Tolkien quote: “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

Jul 21 Meet fellow Patreons: Radio Rivendell 

Jun 17 On the trail of the Tolkienist 

May 31 Review: George Allen & Unwin. A Remembrancer by Rayner Unwin

Apr 21 Operation Gandalf: Uber-greed in European football leagues 

Apr 15 The Library 100: OCLC scours libraries for ‘best’ novels

Feb 5 Tolkien MeMes #6. “Der kleine Hobbit” at the Balver Höhle, 1996


Nov 8 “Shut up and take my money, Gandalf”: Lord of the Merchandise 

Oct 9 #Tolk(ien)tober is happening

Sep 11 Did you know that one of the Most Favourite Fake Tolkien Quotes comes from a book the author of which tried to have all of its copies destroyed?

Sep 4 The Travelling Tolkienist: Coming back from COVID-19 at the Lower Rhine Regulars’ Table

Aug 11 Tolkien MeMes #4. »75 reasons why you should read ›The Hobbit‹ before watching the films« or: How started in 2012.

Jul 19 A quick note: Facts that aren’t facts and “The One Ring Explained” – again

Jul 15 Fingolfin’s Findings: VIII. J.R.R. Tolkien – Scholarship & Fandom 

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