10% discount with Tolkienshop.com – The Tolkienist Birthday Week offer!

Dearest of patrons, 

as some of you may know it is my birthday today. I have just participated in the translation panel at Oxonmoot and had the opportunity of chatting with René van Rossenberg, the owner of Tolkienshop.com, and we came up with something you might appreciate:

The Tolkienist Birthday Week Offer

Starting from publishing this post everyone joining my Patreon adventure until Friday, Sept 10, 2021, 23.59 CET, will get a one-time 10% discount offer on shopping with the only brick-and-mortar store specialised in all things Tolkien in the world – with the shopping to be done until Sept 30, 2021!

Please note: This offer is extended to all of you who are already with me on this adventure, of course – as a small thank you from me and René for making this possible!

How does this work – what do I get?

In a moment I will publish another post explaining how to order with Tolkienshop.com – there are a few tricks to keep in mind – explanation linked below!. Please do have a bit of patience, if any issues arise we will make sure it will work out just fine!

You join from this moment on (point of publication of this post) until Friday, Sept 10, 23.59 CET (or 11.59 p.m. CET) at any tier here on Patreon and for that you can shop once at Tolkienshop.com until Sept 30, 2021, with a discount of 10% (the discount does not apply to shipping costs.)


Here is the explanation on how to do your shopping!

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