Monthly Archive: November 2012

Bench at Wolvercote Cemetery (c) Marcel Aubron-Bülles 1

75 reasons: Michael Drout

  The Heroic World and the Bourgeois World Each Have Something to Offer An important structural dynamic in The Hobbit is the interaction of the bourgeois world with the heroic.[1] Bilbo, with his pocket...

The Randolph, Oxford (c) Marcel Aubron-Bülles 1

75 reasons: Dimitra Fimi

Why should one read The Hobbit before watching the film? Because, judging by the trailers and interviews, the Hobbit film adaptation will be presented as a coherent ‘prequel’ to The Lord of the Rings...

The Bird & Baby, Oxford, at night (c) Marcel Aubron-Bülles 6

75 reasons: Douglas A. Anderson

In my view, when a work exists in a form that has been popular enough to precipitate a film being made of it, I’ve usually tried to experience the original before the adaptation. This...